Our Story

A few still know us as a printing company, others know that we are much more. We believe in the power of technology and its ability to drive positive change across large organisations. The positive change also reflects in our evolution from retail outlets to providing SaaS-based technology solutions to digitise order to delivery workflows. It testifies that we embrace change as much as we endorse it.

Our Mission

Transforming complex order to delivery workflows to create efficient and happy workplaces

Our Founders

  • Siddhi Shah

    Chief Executive Office (CEO) and everyone's go-to person

    Mary Parker Follet said 'Management is the art of getting things done through people. Siddhi lives by that. She dons multiple hats and heads our Strategy, Finance and HR departments. She has been a tough taskmaster who has empowered us to evolve always, and how!

  • Milap Shah

    Co-founder and our meticulous perfectionist

    We often boast of an efficient technology platform or an intuitive user experience. Here's the man who's behind it. He heads our technology and marketing teams and is continuously working to find better ways to do things. Constantly on his quest for perfection, he believes we are always a work-in-progress.

  • Pratik Shah

    Co-founder and our in-house number wizard

    We are able to do what we want to do because of him. He heads our Sales and Operations team and keeps the show going. He is a realist who adjusts the sails and takes the plunge. Being an ultimate number's guy, the resources that we need to keep going come from him, and so do the occasional reality checks.

Milestones and more…

First retail store in Mumbai
Growing to 4 retail outlets
Launching e-commerce website and 5th retail store
Launched Enterprise solutions (Admin and Marketing), upgraded e-commerce website and streamlined offline business
Launched BrandStore
Launched Celebration and Onboarding Solutions
Separating our PrintStop and PS Pro, our solutions for SMEs and large enterprises respectively, getting ISO Certification
Launching Knowmee, Digital Business Card solution and rebranding PS Pro solutions to Mandaala

Our Values

  • Innovation


  • Customer Centric

    Customer Centric

  • Authentic


  • Agility


  • Recognize


  • Evolve


  • Ethical


  • Frugal


  • Fun


  • Open


  • ownership


  • Respect


Our Team

We are a family that cares for our customers, partners, vendors and each other. Deeply imbibed in us are our ethics and empathy for each person who crosses our path. We are passionate change agents who do not hesitate to go the extra mile.

Be a part of our team

If you believe in the same values as we do, we have a place for you.

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