Unwrapping Employee Satisfaction: Employee Reaction to Festive Gifting

Amidst the chaotic landscape of corporate gifting in India, employee dissatisfaction looms large due to mismatches between expectations and received gifts. This study seeks to uncover employee preferences, aiming to enhance their happiness significantly.

Our whitepaper delves into the significance of corporate gifting in India, particularly during special occasions like New Year's and Diwali. It explores the impact of gifts on employee satisfaction and evaluates their effectiveness in motivating and engaging employees.



96% Employees prefer choosing their gifts

70% Employees preferred gifts over cash


  • Disparity between employee expectations and actual gift distribution poses a significant challenge.
  • Economic constraints lead to reduced gifting budgets, impacting the quality or quantity of gifts.
  • Traditional uniform gifting methods no longer meet employees' desire for personalized and diverse choices.
  • HR and Admin teams face a dilemma in simplifying processes while meeting individualized employee preferences.
  • Shifts in employee expectations necessitate a strategic recalibration of corporate gifting practices.


  • Cash rewards are no longer the primary preference for employees during festive seasons.
  • Providing choices for employees to select gifts is crucial in satisfying evolving preferences.
  • Recommendations include offering a diverse basket of products for selection and mimicking an e-commerce setup for gifting.